33 Dowd Road Bangor, Maine (207) 922-4342

Welcome to Maine Air Balance

Specializing in Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of Environmental Systems

Maine Air Balance is located in Bangor, Maine and has been in business since 1998. Our company performs HVAC system air flow and balancing, duct work leakage testing, system water flow performance testing as well as room and work area sound testing. We have specialized calibrated testing equipment and expertise to perform these tests. Our testing methods adhere to NEBB & SMACNA guidelines and follow all OSHA procedures.

We work with mechanical and general contractors as well as with building owners and mechanical engineers and will travel anywhere in the State of Maine. Our company has performed numerous test on new and existing HVAC systems in office buildings, schools, hospitals, labs, and apartment complexes throughout Maine.

We recognize how important airflow is, along with fresh air being introduced into the building. Equally important is to distribute the air correctly and proportionally to achieve the most comfortable working or living space. Through our comprehensive testing and reports we can assist our client in obtaining this goal.

Air Balancing Services

  • Air flow measurements for HVAC systems
  • Kitchen and fume hood system measurements
  • Balance air flows according to engineering specifications
  • Adjust volume dampers and VAV control boxes
  • Adjust fan speeds
  • Prepare our balance report with test results and recommendations

Hydronic Balancing Services

  • Water flow measurments for HVAC and plumbing systems
  • Balance water flows according to engineering specifications and manufacturer's recommendations
  • Adjust pumps/circulators speeds
  • Adjust balancing values for baseboard, hot water coils, heat exchangers, and radiant panels
  • Prepare hydronic balance reports with test results and recommendations

Testing Reports

As part of all tests, we provide our clients with detailed testing reports that backup our testing results.